The importance in to realize the strategy

ODMany companies think that build a great organization is, in other words, make a “beautiful” strategic plan which can be responsible for the growth during the years. But, if you look to the great companies you will realize that there are different ways to reach success. The main question in this case is not about what was the innovation that transformed the company, but what she is doing now to maintain her success.

I´m not telling that strategic plans or cashflow control are not important. Actually, they are essential to give the company the possibility to keep growing.  But, I think that improve the sense about what is the core business to all the people who work in a company is the only way to look to the future. When the employees can realize what matters to the organization and what is necessary to do to keep meeting goals the company becomes stronger, because she doesn´t waste time, money and energy doing things that are not important. In other words, when everyone works for the same goal the result is bigger and better.


Brazilian/Petrobras situation: going down!

What is happening in Brazil is, at least, a peculiar situation. A political party, that for years tried to accuse the opposition for stealing from the people to their own, is involved in the biggest scandal of Brazilian history. It is not a new fact that PT (Workers Party, in a free translation) in the last 12 years is involved in serious cases of corruption (as “Mensalão”, when PT paid money to deputies to approve their government projects), but what is happening now with Petrobras is considerably huge.

Petrobras was involved in the Pasadena scandal. Now, in Brazil, the situation seems to be lot worse.

Petrobras was involved in the USA Pasadena scandal. Now, in Brazil, the situation seems to be lot worse.

Government can’t (or doesn’t want to) tell the truth, but it is estimate that at least 88 BILLION Reais have been stolen from the most important Governmental Company. Federal Police is trying to find out how many companies and people are involved in this scandal. Apparently a lot of big construction companies, banks and related government people were part of a big stealing plan, where every contract that was signed with Petrobras should give to PT a 3% “commission”.

Dilma, Lula and others important PT’s member are on the focus, but hardly someone is going to the jail in a country that has been, for years, a land of impunity, especially for politicians.

People are talking about “impeachment”, but what Brazil really needs is a extreme hunt against impunity. Brazilians are growing up with the idea that only dishonest people can succeed and this is, in the long case cenario, the worst of the outcome of this messy reality that we are living in.

Motivation is CONSEQUENCE, not a step

Attention please: this text isn´t gramatically revised


Remember: when you are a leader there is anything more important than have your team motivated, but be carefull when you start to think what comes first.

I was reading an article written by Jim Collins and then  I realized that the motivation is not something that a leader can give to his team as a salary increase or distribute as a list of tasks. Motivation doesn´t grow in a team just because the leader thinks it´s important. But, in the other hand, the task of motivating the people is 100% a “leader task”.

It´s seems confuse, but I can explain (or try to).

– We use to think that the leader is the responsible for motivating the team. – Correct

– We also think that the good leader is someone who can motivate the team by himself, or, in other words, someone who will give a good example and then motivate the other ones to do the same. Incorrect (in my point view).

As Jim Collins said, the motivation emerges when you have the right team, in the correct place, without influence of the wrong ones. It´s like a bus. When there is something bad with a team you have to look to the people as they were bus passengers. After that, try to analyse the situation:

– Do you have the right people inside de bus?

– Is there someone who you think should get in?


It´s not necessary to say what you should do after understand the situation. The good ones must be inside the bus, in the correct places, and the bad ones should leave the bus before it starts again. I´m not saying that the “bad ones should die in hell”, but just thinking about them as some people who can´t contribute do the business success anymore.

I believe that when you have this situation, when all the “passengers” know they are together because they are the best and going to the same direction, the motivation emerges by itself. Furthermore, in this case you don´t even need a charismatic leader. You just need a good “bus driver”, who can keep one eye on the road and the other one on the passengers, knowing that he needs to be ready to make a stop to let someone in or, if it´s necessary, let someone go out.

Managing expectations

A few days ago a friend of mine told me that he´s a little concerned about his professional situation. Eight months ago, he started working as a salesman in a construction products company, but he knows he´s not completely ready to this job, mainly because he is still lerning about the products, clients and the region where he´s working.

This situation results in a lot of work, but just a few coins in his pocket, and that is what makes my friend think about quiting his challenge.

“I know I am learning and I need to improve my experience to earn more money, but I don´t think I´ll be able to to do that… the situation needs to change”

Apparently, this is a normal problem that people who start a new project need to face: when the results don´t come we start to think that we are not able to do that job, forgetting that the success path is usually longer than we expect.

In this kind of situation it´s necessary a different kind of hability that allow us to manage the expectations and keep searching the goal. In this case especifically, my friend needs to understand that the money is not the only measure to evaluate his progress and, most important than that, he needs to cativate the clients who want to know who he is and if he is able to receive their confidence. This takes time…

Time is an enemy of expectations. We want everything now, without questioning if we deserve the prize which we are expecting, or, in other words, if we are able to say: “I am doing my job correctly and it´s time to receive the results of my efforts”. I think this is happening to my friend now: at this time he´s not able to say if he´s good or not in his job, because he is still leaving the seeds on the land, but he really would like to be receiving a good money which would allow him to say: “I´m doing my job properly”.

The only thing I could say to my friend at that time was to keep working hard and searching the goal. I tryed to help him to understand that he needs a target to chase. When he understand what he is looking for and what he needs to do to catch it, he will start to reach the success he is looking for.

The importance of Acting

I´ve probably said this before, but I really admire people who can act instead of just thinking. I friend of mine told me once that the professional market no longer accepts people who can´t wake up in the morning ready to take the reins of a situation and what´s necessary to solve it. Of course I am not talking about crossing the business ethical lines, but about trying to understand really quickly what you need to do in a particular situation and do it as soon as possible.

This kind of hability is more important because, instead of doing nothing, you start acting in a reasonable plan, pointing small and simple solutions to start to solve the problem while you don´t have the complete solution for it. What is really important to understand is that we are not allowed to waste time with questions that don´t matter, or, in other words, we need to focus on the core of the situation and try to realize what would be the effective action that could solve the problem (instead of trying to imagine a thousand ways to solve the problem without taking any action).

This can be a really simple idea, but using it in our routine is a little more complicated. It seems that people prefer to imagine a beautiful solution to a problem instead of looking for something simple and effective. That could save time, energy and put the company back on track.

A different post

These days I was thinking about what I could do with this blog. I mean, the last year I wrote about 80 posts which received a good response, but this is not enough to a place like this. This blog is not as famous as the other ones, and mainly because of this I don´t really care if there are a lot people around here reading my texts. I really like when someone came to me and talk about some idea that I expressed here, but this kind of thing doesn´t happen so frequently so I keep using this tool to improve my ability to organize my ideas and express what I think about usual things that happen around me.

Today, I realized that I could use this blog in a different way. I am keeping studying English and from now I will start to write my posts (not all of them) in a second language. I have to tell that this is not a promise. I´m not going to put a “goal”, but I will try to improve my foreign language here as well.

So, that´s enough for now. I need to say that probably I will make a lot of mistakes and when this happen I really want that you tell me so I can fix it and keep learning.

See you son guys. I will try to think about the subject of the first real English post.

Have a good week! We keep in touch!