Brazilian/Petrobras situation: going down!

What is happening in Brazil is, at least, a peculiar situation. A political party, that for years tried to accuse the opposition for stealing from the people to their own, is involved in the biggest scandal of Brazilian history. It is not a new fact that PT (Workers Party, in a free translation) in the last 12 years is involved in serious cases of corruption (as “Mensalão”, when PT paid money to deputies to approve their government projects), but what is happening now with Petrobras is considerably huge.

Petrobras was involved in the Pasadena scandal. Now, in Brazil, the situation seems to be lot worse.

Petrobras was involved in the USA Pasadena scandal. Now, in Brazil, the situation seems to be lot worse.

Government can’t (or doesn’t want to) tell the truth, but it is estimate that at least 88 BILLION Reais have been stolen from the most important Governmental Company. Federal Police is trying to find out how many companies and people are involved in this scandal. Apparently a lot of big construction companies, banks and related government people were part of a big stealing plan, where every contract that was signed with Petrobras should give to PT a 3% “commission”.

Dilma, Lula and others important PT’s member are on the focus, but hardly someone is going to the jail in a country that has been, for years, a land of impunity, especially for politicians.

People are talking about “impeachment”, but what Brazil really needs is a extreme hunt against impunity. Brazilians are growing up with the idea that only dishonest people can succeed and this is, in the long case cenario, the worst of the outcome of this messy reality that we are living in.

2 comentários sobre “Brazilian/Petrobras situation: going down!

  1. Boa tarde Rafael!

    Vim seu post sobre o mochilão na europa, queria tirar uma duvida sobre trem noturno da cracovia para vienna.
    Vc poderia entrar em contato comigo?

  2. Olá Jonatas! Faz um tempinho que fiz essa viagem então não vou me lembrar com detalhes como foi.
    Na real eu saí de Praga e fui pra Cracóvia num trem noturno. Fiquei lá apenas durante o dia, porque fui visitar o Campo de Concentração de Auschwitz.
    Na noite do mesmo dia fui até a estação e comprei uma passagem para o próximo destino que era Viena.
    Entra no site da Eurail que ela vai te mostrar as opções de trem saindo de cada cidade. Aí fica mais fácil. Qualquer dúvida dá um grito! Abraço!

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