Motivation is CONSEQUENCE, not a step

Attention please: this text isn´t gramatically revised


Remember: when you are a leader there is anything more important than have your team motivated, but be carefull when you start to think what comes first.

I was reading an article written by Jim Collins and then  I realized that the motivation is not something that a leader can give to his team as a salary increase or distribute as a list of tasks. Motivation doesn´t grow in a team just because the leader thinks it´s important. But, in the other hand, the task of motivating the people is 100% a “leader task”.

It´s seems confuse, but I can explain (or try to).

– We use to think that the leader is the responsible for motivating the team. – Correct

– We also think that the good leader is someone who can motivate the team by himself, or, in other words, someone who will give a good example and then motivate the other ones to do the same. Incorrect (in my point view).

As Jim Collins said, the motivation emerges when you have the right team, in the correct place, without influence of the wrong ones. It´s like a bus. When there is something bad with a team you have to look to the people as they were bus passengers. After that, try to analyse the situation:

– Do you have the right people inside de bus?

– Is there someone who you think should get in?


It´s not necessary to say what you should do after understand the situation. The good ones must be inside the bus, in the correct places, and the bad ones should leave the bus before it starts again. I´m not saying that the “bad ones should die in hell”, but just thinking about them as some people who can´t contribute do the business success anymore.

I believe that when you have this situation, when all the “passengers” know they are together because they are the best and going to the same direction, the motivation emerges by itself. Furthermore, in this case you don´t even need a charismatic leader. You just need a good “bus driver”, who can keep one eye on the road and the other one on the passengers, knowing that he needs to be ready to make a stop to let someone in or, if it´s necessary, let someone go out.