The “stress strategy”

Attention please: this text needs to be revised


A few days ago I read an interview in which the professor Mario Sergio Cortella was talking about the way the companies try to estimulate their employees to work harder. As he said, the main strategy consist in stress the workers and make them work in the limit every time, in a kind of “tense state”. In other words, consists in give the employee an amount of tasks that are almost impossible to conclude.

The companies think that working in this way they put everyone focused in the results, avoiding some free time that could divert the goal visualization.

My idea, however, is completely different and goes against this kind of thought.

I think that the stress should be use when the company needs everyone focused in the same objective, but it´s impossible to work in this situation all the time. For example: when the organization is having some problem and she still doesn´t realize how to solve it it´s important to alarm everyone because, as I said, it´s a different situation and the company needs to find good ideas to solve the case as soon as possible.

In the other hand, when the company decides that keep everyone in alert is going to be her strategy to “work faster and better” she is deciding to kill the opportunity to create a good work enviroment to their employees and, more than that, she is throwing out all the good ideas that could arise from her workers if they have the opportunity to think about the business instead of just be thinking about how they will find time to deliver all the tasks in which they were assigned.

I´m not trying to say that the companies should give less work to their employees. I´m just trying to say that the “stress strategy” must be used when the company really needs an extra dose of energy, and not all the time as they are thinking. In the short term they can have good results, but these results will become turnover in the long term and, as everyone knows (or should know), there is no way to create a good business culture if you can´t keep the talents working for you and prove to your employees that they are part of the organization and their efforts are what give  power to the company keep growing.


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