Managing expectations

A few days ago a friend of mine told me that he´s a little concerned about his professional situation. Eight months ago, he started working as a salesman in a construction products company, but he knows he´s not completely ready to this job, mainly because he is still lerning about the products, clients and the region where he´s working.

This situation results in a lot of work, but just a few coins in his pocket, and that is what makes my friend think about quiting his challenge.

“I know I am learning and I need to improve my experience to earn more money, but I don´t think I´ll be able to to do that… the situation needs to change”

Apparently, this is a normal problem that people who start a new project need to face: when the results don´t come we start to think that we are not able to do that job, forgetting that the success path is usually longer than we expect.

In this kind of situation it´s necessary a different kind of hability that allow us to manage the expectations and keep searching the goal. In this case especifically, my friend needs to understand that the money is not the only measure to evaluate his progress and, most important than that, he needs to cativate the clients who want to know who he is and if he is able to receive their confidence. This takes time…

Time is an enemy of expectations. We want everything now, without questioning if we deserve the prize which we are expecting, or, in other words, if we are able to say: “I am doing my job correctly and it´s time to receive the results of my efforts”. I think this is happening to my friend now: at this time he´s not able to say if he´s good or not in his job, because he is still leaving the seeds on the land, but he really would like to be receiving a good money which would allow him to say: “I´m doing my job properly”.

The only thing I could say to my friend at that time was to keep working hard and searching the goal. I tryed to help him to understand that he needs a target to chase. When he understand what he is looking for and what he needs to do to catch it, he will start to reach the success he is looking for.


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