The importance of Acting

I´ve probably said this before, but I really admire people who can act instead of just thinking. I friend of mine told me once that the professional market no longer accepts people who can´t wake up in the morning ready to take the reins of a situation and what´s necessary to solve it. Of course I am not talking about crossing the business ethical lines, but about trying to understand really quickly what you need to do in a particular situation and do it as soon as possible.

This kind of hability is more important because, instead of doing nothing, you start acting in a reasonable plan, pointing small and simple solutions to start to solve the problem while you don´t have the complete solution for it. What is really important to understand is that we are not allowed to waste time with questions that don´t matter, or, in other words, we need to focus on the core of the situation and try to realize what would be the effective action that could solve the problem (instead of trying to imagine a thousand ways to solve the problem without taking any action).

This can be a really simple idea, but using it in our routine is a little more complicated. It seems that people prefer to imagine a beautiful solution to a problem instead of looking for something simple and effective. That could save time, energy and put the company back on track.


2 comentários sobre “The importance of Acting

  1. Muito bom o Post. É um desafio focar em projetos com baixo esforço e grande retorno, porque simplesmente temos o “vicio” de acreditar que só existe bom resultado quando despendemos grande esforço.

    De tempos em tempos visito o blog pra distrair um pouco e sempre termino cheio de ideias novas. Obrigado!

  2. Lilo, tu deveria ter comentado a quantidade de erros que havia no texto… hehe… agora eles estão corrigidos!!!

    Visite o blog sempre! é uma honra ter você por aqui!


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