A different post

These days I was thinking about what I could do with this blog. I mean, the last year I wrote about 80 posts which received a good response, but this is not enough to a place like this. This blog is not as famous as the other ones, and mainly because of this I don´t really care if there are a lot people around here reading my texts. I really like when someone came to me and talk about some idea that I expressed here, but this kind of thing doesn´t happen so frequently so I keep using this tool to improve my ability to organize my ideas and express what I think about usual things that happen around me.

Today, I realized that I could use this blog in a different way. I am keeping studying English and from now I will start to write my posts (not all of them) in a second language. I have to tell that this is not a promise. I´m not going to put a “goal”, but I will try to improve my foreign language here as well.

So, that´s enough for now. I need to say that probably I will make a lot of mistakes and when this happen I really want that you tell me so I can fix it and keep learning.

See you son guys. I will try to think about the subject of the first real English post.

Have a good week! We keep in touch!


Um comentário sobre “A different post

  1. Man!!! I’m back!! The worst thing for the ones who have internet is when whe haven’t. Now i had reactived it. Is so strange that it keeps us so conected and when whe lost the “conection whith the worl” that seems whe are lost. Whe lost information, knowledge, “what happened today”?? No news, no “catch up”. Got it? I don’t know what whe must to know, but whe must knou something, any thing just to start a conversation. Whell, i whoul’d to change ideas man! So long!

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